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SEO and Content Development Process

Our SEO and content marketing development process is made up of 5 Strides. Take a free version, buy only the Strides you need, or opt for all (full process). Start Progressing.

Veroprimo’s SEO and Content Marketing process can be used to analyze and grow any type of website, or content within a system.

Keywords, Content and Structure Audit – we spot problems, and give you solutions

Analyses of the keywords your website currently ranks for, and how your brand, products (or services) are being offered through your website’s navigation, page layouts, content, and social media pages. Recommend preliminary fixes or opportunities that can improve traffic, usage of content, conversions, and online reputation.

Content Gap Analysis – competitor keywords you should be targeting

Get a curated list of the most valuable search intent keywords your competitors’ websites rank high for, but that your website does not rank for. The list will show keywords you should plan to SEO your website for.

Competitive Research – make better decisions

We provide insights about how your competitors effectively present and offer their brand and products through their website’s structure and content. Analyses of your competitors’ online reputation, top performing pages, general search intent and revenue generating keywords, Google paid ads, and social media activities. It is by analyzing your competition that we can also find out which websites your target customers are visiting the most, and where they are most likely spending their money.

SEO and Content Strategy – improve and grow your online presence

We define specific changes that can generate more leads, optimize the user experience, improve your brand’s reputation, and help gain and retain customer interest. The intention of the strategy is to place a spotlight on your brand’s competitive edge and offers, showcase and explain the benefits of using your product or service, let customers be aware of your active support, optimize your online presence for conversions, rank higher for selected keywords, and seek ways to build life time ties with customers.

Search Engine Optimization and Content Development

Implemented following the SEO and Content Strategy. Fixes made in Stride 1 are revisited. A document will outline what is to be executed. Allowing us to execute hands on will bring more benefits.

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SEO and Content Marketing FAQs

regarding our work

SEO and Conversion Optimization Results (preliminary)

If your website already commands high rankings for top keywords, and contains relevant and technically well organized content, then some preliminary fixes or changes (applicable through the solutions provided in Stride 1) can improve your rankings and conversions quite quickly. Stride 4 and 5 will provide a more holistic and mature approach, with changes that can bring compound benefits.

SEO Performance monitoring

We track and monitor rankings and performance of pages. Data is shared with you, you will be given full access to it, and will be able to see the results at any time. You can measure and compare conversion rates yourself, by using Google Analytics or Search Console.

How to execute SEO and Content Development?

When you buy one stride you will receive the work in the form of documents. Documents submitted to you through Stride 2 and 3 do not include steps to execute work. Implementation of solutions in Stride 1, or development in Stride 4, can be executed by us or by you, as you prefer.

For your marketing agency, team, or manager

You may have your own website or ecommerce marketing team and only necessitate specific solutions, research, or an outside perspective about your online business. Pick only the strides or service your agency, or your team need. Ongoing support is available upon request.

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