Content Gap Analysis – competitor keywords, Free Version

Receive a free Content Gap Analysis (Stride 2), to find out what valuable keywords your competitors’ websites are ranking for, but that your website does not rank for.

Submit the form below to receive the Stride 2 free version of our ‘SEO and Content Development Process’. If we cannot provide you with beneficial information due to your type of business, then we will reply to let you know.

If your intentions are to get a paid version of the Content Gap Analysis, then click here.

To understand what the free version of our Content Gap Analysis includes please read the information below.

What does the Free Content Gap Analysis include

The free Content Gap Analysis will provide you with a short curated list of the most valuable (high volume or high value) competitor keywords your top competitor’s website ranks high for, and your website does not rank for.

Benefits of a Content Gap Analysis

Knowing which high volume or high value keywords your competitors rank for will help you in a variety of ways. Here are some:

  1. understand what search intent keywords drive the most traffic to their website
  2. know what keywords your target customers are typing to search for the type of product or service you offer, or for a topic related to the type of product or service you offer
  3. refine your keyword research
  4. optimize your current content using competitor keywords
  5. plan a search engine optimization and content creation strategy
  6. deciding to initially not make them part of your SEO plan
  7. use them in your general marketing material or backlinks

The document can help you decide if to proceed with a paid version of Stride 2.

When will I receive the Free Content Gap Analysis

We will let you know after you submit the form. If at the time you submit the form we are not overwhelmed by requests, then you will likely receive the free content gap analysis within one week.

Free Content Gap Analysis Form

Content Gap Analysis Prices – for the Paid Version

To submit a price request for a paid version of the Content Gap Analysis (Stride 2), please submit our SEO and Content Development Process Quote Request Form. To get an idea of the prices click here.

Content Gap Analysis prices vary depending on the amount of competitors we analyze. The paid version usually includes a competitor keyword gap analysis against 6 or 10 competitors, but you can opt for more.

SEO and Content Process Details

Veroprimo 5 Strides SEO and Content Development Process is flexible and allows you to choose the Stride that best suits your needs. Alternatively, you can opt for all 5 Strides.

To learn what Stride 2 is about, or understand the benefits of each ‘Stride’ in our SEO and Content Development Process, click here.

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