Free Audit

Receive a free Keywords, Content and Structure Audit (Stride 1). Submit the form below to receive the Stride 1 free version of our ‘SEO and Content Development Process’. If we cannot provide you with beneficial information due to your type of business, then we will reply to let you know.

If your intentions are to get a paid version then click here.

To understand what the audit includes please read the information below.

What does the Free Audit include

It does not include a typical full SEO Audit, or a full Keyword Research. If you want the typical free SEO Audit many software and agencies offer, then we will tell you where to get one. You can find out how to get one by searching ‘free SEO audit’ in any search engine. We can provide a full Keyword research through the non-paid versions of Stride 1, 2 and 4. Each stride focuses on different keywords, while Stride 4 will include the strategic keyword list to focus the development on.

The free and paid version of our ‘Keywords, Content and Structure Audit’ includes information and data insights that typical Free SEO Audits do not provide.

What does the Free Audit include:
You will receive a short list of points with issues, solutions or insights that will help you optimize or develop your online business. Problems are spotted and reported. Solutions to increase rankings or conversions will be made available. The document will not include all issues and solutions, but it will give you valuable information with which you can take action and start advancing your online business.

The technical issues, data or insights you receive in the free audit could be about one or more of the following: keyword usage and optimization, user optimization, SMO, SEM, or other important matters.

The document can help you decide if to proceed with a paid version of Stride 1.

Free Keywords Audit

A brief report of the top couple of keywords you currently rank for, and short insights regarding how to further SEO your website for those keywords.

Free Content Audit

We look at how your products (or services) are effectively presented and offered through your content, and how efficiently the user can flow through it without facing friction, usage of content in social media, and your online reputation. Some issues or solutions are reported.

Free Structure Audit

Insights regarding how to improve (if improvement is necessary) the website’s information architecture, navigation, or page layouts. We investigate how the latter can be optimized to better showcase your brand and content, and provide a smooth browsing experience through which the visitor can easily find what they want, does not get lost, and does not face friction.

When will I receive the Free Audit

We will let you know after you submit the form. If at the time you submit the form we are not overwhelmed by requests, then you will likely receive the free audit within one to two weeks. If you have a large website then it may take longer.

Free Audit Request Form

Audit Prices – for the paid version

To submit a price request for a paid version of the Keywords, Structure and Content Audit (Stride 1), please submit our SEO and Content Development Process Quote Request Form. To get an idea of the prices click here.

Audit prices vary depending on the amount of pages in your website, the industry your work in, and the level of competition.

SEO and Content Development Details

To learn what Stride 1 is about, or understand the benefits of each ‘Stride’ in our SEO and Content Development Process, click here.

Veroprimo 5 Strides SEO and Content Development Process is flexible and allows you to choose the Stride that best suits your needs. Alternatively, you can opt for all 5 Strides.

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