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We provide you with Reports that contain short and valuable information regarding your online competition or your business. We may initially grant you access to a brief report about your company. Get insights, analysis, data, or competitive research. Our reports are in the form of simple points, nothing fancy. They do not include lengthy SEO audits, they may contain observations, conclusions based on facts, and recommendations. For a comprehensive SEO audit use a free tool, their are many out there. Alternatively, we can show you how to get one for free.

Access report about your company

Find out how you can start improving your Company’s online business

We may have already briefly started analyzing, or extensively analyzed, your company website or online business. Get access to information we compiled regarding your company. Access to specific report(s) is granted (once) only to high end management, officers, or company owners.

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On this page a ‘Product’ or ‘Report’ consists of a document with informational points (text, data, or images). These points can cover a variety of issues, hint solutions, or development opportunities, regarding one or more companies.

A report may also focus on keyword research, or a content gap analysis. Products are a working progress. New versions may be released.

Reports will be added soon, and will be made available for purchase here.

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