e-Business Development and Management

We work to improve people’s lives by supporting small, medium and large organisations in responsibly and effectively using reliable technologies: to facilitate their customers’ lives and increase their quality time, be more environmentally friendly, grow their offline and online sales, cut operational costs, create jobs and empower their employees. When eBusiness is adopted in the right way then it can achieve the latter, positively influencing a countries economy, society and culture.

eBusiness Development and Management:

  • Let us develop your e-Business with mobile or web based solutions built on the most reliable and advanced mobile, e-Commerce and/or e-Marketing SAAS (Software as a Service) platforms in the world.
  • Our plans are priced to fit different budgets, and you can stop paying for our products and services at any time.
  • Using and Updating your new system is made extra easy thanks to the state of the art Customer Relations Management and Content Management Systems with user friendly interfaces that we set up, manage and maintain for you.
  • Responsible Management and Maintenance Service:  We manage and maintain your new B2B or B2C eCommerce Platform, Online Property system, Online Food Ordering System, Online Delivery System, Online Booking System, Responsive Website, Native Mobile App, Directory Listing, Company Intranet or simple but effective Company Website or Personal Profile Website. Outsource the responsibility and focus on your business with a consistently working and secured system. Hosting, Strategic Domain Name or Company Domain Name and Support are included.
  • Any e-development strategy we implement aims to sustain your current and possible future business plans.
  • The full benefits of a technological solution you invest in will occur when humans and existing infrastructures are respected and simultaneously considered before, during and after the implementation of such solution. We develop your business or organisation considering and respecting your employees, customers and existing systems.

e-Commerce and eMarketing Solutions

Marketing and Advertising Services